Super Charge Student Learning with Screen Smart®

For grades PreK-2nd
12-Session Program or 5-Day Intensive
Boost empathy, literacy and academic success!


Learning loss and screen time

Studies show that screen time can stunt compassion, literacy and grit. Teachers see the distressing results in dull-eyed students who fall behind. Lacking concentration and self-regulation, they labor to learn and may bully others. 

But ICMC’s proven, neuroscience-based pedagogy reverses these negative effects of screen time, accelerates learning, and enhances social-emotional learning.

The bridge to better learning is built by connecting stories on screens to stories in children’s books and lives.

Program outcomes

  • Stronger concentration, self-regulation, and persistence among students
  • Improved literacy and critical thinking skills help students make better screen-use choices
  • More empathy and social emotional learning (SEL) means more kindness and less bullying
  • Higher interest in learning overall
  • Greater responsiveness and responsibility: Students hold themselves accountable and they behave in ways consistent with school and family values

Screen Smart® Report Card

Teachers say Screen Smart:

  • Supports vibrant, high-yield learning (70%)
  • Boosts communication (82%)
  • Helps children develop as leaders and independent thinkers (66%)

Educator Feedback:

“Students were able to describe their feelings more clearly. They felt more confident expressing their thoughts about stories we read. Their comprehension skills improved dramatically.”

Ms. Morales, Kindergarten, Jungman School

“My students were able to connect their feelings to the screen and identify them. It also gave them the power to choose what is good for them.”

Ms Wood, PreK ,Beethoven School

“They realized they each have control over what they watch and how it’s important to talk with someone about how it makes them feel.”

Ms. Zamarron, PreK Crown School

“I would like to say that this was a great learning experience for the kids and myself. The kids learned how to make critical connections with stories that were read to them and different movies that they have watched. “

–Ms. Ramadan, Kindergarten  Tonti School

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