ICFilmFest: Movies Make You Smarter®

Children spend 1,600 hours a year with screens.

Yet hundreds of studies show how those elevated hours with screens can be detrimental to kids’ development. Digital devices diminish vocabulary, deprive children of active playtime, and expose them to potentially damaging content. 

Credit: BeckerMedia.com
Credit: BeckerMedia.com

ICFilm Festivals

Just imagine how different it would be if children used higher order thinking skills every time they turned on a screen.  That’s what ICMC festivals do!  We train children of all ages to think and talk critically about the content they consume. 

  • The ICFilmFest brings curated packages of age-appropriate award-winning international films to schools, arts centers and community organizations “where no festival has gone before.”
  • Films are selected on their artistry, humanism, and appreciation for children’s imaginative and intellectual response.
  • The Movies Make You Smarter® approach uses neuroscience-based methodologies to prepare children’s minds before screening starts. Facilitators hold discussions before and after every screening. Children learn “How To Watch a Movie With Their Minds Awake” and to discuss media and its impact.

After the program, young viewers put their newfound skills to use by voting for the “Best Of The Fest” award! And you’ll notice they keep practicing digital learning techniques at home.

For inquiries, or to schedule your festival, e-mail info@icmediacenter.org

Credit: BeckerMedia.com

Diversity Matters

These custom-curated film festivals bring sensitive topics of race, gender, cultural and religious bias to children in positive and accessible ways.  Diversity Matters brings timely, uplifting content from around the world to your students with packages of age-appropriate short films designed to foster empathy and appreciation for diversity.  Screenings are available for grades PreK-2, grades 3-5, grades 6-8, and high school. We put together each festival from thousands of international submissions so that children can enjoy connecting to multi-cultural stories at schools, arts centers and community centers. Facilitators hold discussions before and after each festival, training children to watch films critically, and helping them discuss and digest complex messages about bias. If your school or community is facing an increase in bullying or bias of any kind,  we can help!