Mindful Viewing®:
Healthy Screen Habits & Emotional Intelligence
4-8 weekly sessions 

Spending 1,600 hours a year with digital devices can erode children’s interest in school as well as their values and faith. To prevent this, young viewers need to recognize how screen content and screen time affect them.

Mindful Viewing uses an enquiry-based approach that makes children conscious of media’s values and hidden messages. It equips them with tools to filter and process content.

Each session provides values-focused media education and values-based films for churches, community groups, and faith-based organizations. 

A Mindful Viewing residency provides 4-8 weeks of instruction for children, workshops for staff and parents, and a culminating festival called “Shining Minds”.

For inquiries or to book:  workshops@icmediacenter.org

You may also call 773-528-6854