Make A Heart Warming Gift for 2017!

The ICMC’s revolutionary work with thousands of at-risk children and youth depends on you!

Your contribution will bring accelerative learning and “screen smart skills” to impoverished schools, and to homeless, abused and incarcerated youth. 

My First Media at Kozminski School!

On Tuesday, November 15th, the ICMC launched My First Media at Kozminski Community Academy. The 12-week accelerative learning program will reach two PreK Head Start classes, as well as kindergarten, first and second grades. “We are thrilled to have My First Media here for our students” said PreK teacher Frankie Betts, “the results are so exciting even on the first day.”


SNAP Wins Best of Fest Award at Northbrook ICFilmFest!

SNAP, Belgium/UK

Enthusiastic audiences attending the Oct. 29  ICFilmFest voted SNAP (Belgium/UK) by Thomas Murphy the winner of the Best of Fest award! The hilarious and beautifully animated short film addresses themes of self-empowerment and persistence in a mythical underwater world.

Learning Crisis: Achievement Gap Widens Without Focus & Literacy

Class disruption and stress during the school year can stunt vocabulary, scatter concentration, and stop neural networks from growing. When young students lack focus, they "act out" and whole classrooms can fall behind.

My First Media accelerates EC learning and overcomes behavior. The secret?  Promoting self-regulation while connecting the “stories on screens to the stories in books.”  Now booking 3rd and 4th quarters!  Email 

Women’s View & Global Girls in Austin & Bronzeville!

On August 30th, the ICMC began the second annual Women's View program with 16 residents of Austin's New Moms. The bi-monthly program focuses on curating a festival for children while developing job skills for participants!  In November, Global Girls will begin at Phillips H.S. in Bronzeville, where the ICMC will partner with BUILDChicago!

Global Girls from ICMC on Vimeo.

Does Your Back-to-School PD Discourage or Inspire?

When you start the year feeling pressured and overloaded, it's hard to get on track. That lack of enthusiasm can carry over into the classroom and diminish learning. A great PD experience can change all that:

1. Using Media & Technology to Improve Common Core Outcomes

ICMC accelerated learning techniques foster strong literacy skills, promote SEL and improve communication. The result:  better learning and happy students. All Grades.

2. Media-Based Learning Strategies for ELL Learners

Exciting interdisciplinary methods for using narrative media to stimulate discussion, prompt critical thinking and improve ELL students’ abilities in many common core frameworks. All Grades

3. My First Media - Practical Pedagogies for Using Media to Improve ECE 

With this dynamic PD, educators will be able to teach higher order thinking, improve vocabulary and help their youngest students develop a positive relationship to media. See ICMC evidence-based approaches on video. PreK-1st.

4. Instant RECESS – What to Do When Students Get “Wiggly”

Chaotic or unpredictable days that diminish learning can be a nightmare that stretches into the whole year. These lively physical and vocal techniques boost classroom energy and focus every day. Prek-5th.

Call 773-528-6854 or email

1st ICFilmFest at Chicago Youth Centers!


Moon Children, Switzerland

The International Children’s Film Festival (ICFilmFest) is delighted to partner with the CYC Elliott Donnelley Youth Center, 3947 S. Michigan Ave, to present three exciting programs featuring 31 magical short films from 15 countries.  Tuesday, July 19th at 1pm - GREAT EXPECTATIONS (72 min); Tuesday, August 2nd at 1pm - MAYBE IT'S MAGIC (76 min); Tuesday, August 16th at 1pm - WHO KNEW? (70 min)

Tickets are $5 for the general public and free to students and families of CYC.

ICMediaCenter Programs!

Media are the most influential forces in children’s lives and an understanding of media is crucial for success 
in a global, digital culture. ICMC programs will introduce new ways of thinking about media and redefine how we, as a culture, 
view and use media.

scotch egg
ICMC Call For Entries - Each Entry Eligible for 4 Festivals!
Don’t miss out on the ICMC’s impressive season of festivals for 2016-2017.
Enter your film to be considered for four ICMC events: ICFilmFest, WorldScene Teen Festival, Global Girls, and My First Media. Download our Entry Form.
Entry Fee - $75/Short Film;  $125/Feature Film

Deadlines:  December 15, 2016
Contact for additional information!
The Summer of Gods, Global Girls Fest 2015 Winner
BEST OF FEST Winner at the Round Lake Beach Children's Film Festival

Pingu: Pancakes, Switzerland

Thanks to the Round Lake Beach Library, Park District and Civic Center, as well as Mano a Mano for a great festival fun zone and wonderful day! The winner of the Best of Fest Award is:

Pingu: Pancakes  (Switzerland)
Directed by: Otmar Gutmann & Erika Brueggeman
"Lila" Wins Lydia Home Global Girls Film Festival


Lila, SpainOn October 15th, a packed audience was enchanted by short films in the Global Girls screening "Mighty Me: Unstoppable Dreams". After tallying the votes, "Lila", directed by Carlos Lascano, won the first annual Lydia Home Global Girls "Best of Fest" prize.

"Tung’s Film" Wins 4th Annual ICFilmFest @ APCC

Tung's Film, Vietnam

On August 3rd, the large audience at the Albany Park Community City cheered for “Tung’s Film” from Vietnam as a tiny piglet led the Hmong girl home in the dark.  After counting hundreds of ballots from three screenings, “Tung’s Film” won the prestigious ICFilmFest “Best of Fest” prize.

4th ICFilmFest at APCC

When You Are Old, USA

The ICMC will partner with the Albany Park Community Center, 3401 W. Ainslie to present two delightful programs with 21 films from 11 countries sure to please the entire family! Wednesday, July 13th at 10:15 am WIDE WORLD OF FRIENDS (50min); at 1pm GREAT EXPECTATIONS (72min)

Tickets are $5 to the general public and free for students of the Albany Park Community Center.

Kush Wins Global Girls Best of Fest at CCJTDC!

Kush, India

A rapt audience of CCJTDC Residents, staff, friends and family voted Kush (directed by Shubhashish Bhutiani) the Best of Fest Winner at the 2nd Annual Global Girls Film Festival at the CCJTDC. “I knew it would be Kush, 100%!” said Resident Grooms, a 2-year veteran of the program.

My First Media Accelerative Learning at Kozminski School in November!

In November, the ICMC will launch My First Media at Kozminski Community Academy in Hyde Park.  "This is a tremendous opportunity for our school!" said Bernadette Glover, Principal. The accelerative 12-week learning program will reach four classrooms.  "Early childhood students need these skills," says PreK teacher, Frankie Betts, "Focus, self regulation, literacy and social emotional skills should come before everything else."

“Eduin” World Premiere In Lima, Peru!

The world premiere of  "Eduin & the Golden Scepter of the Incas" (Spanish title: "Ukukus, Ekekos, Pishtacos, Lanlacos") now scheduled for December 2016! Based on the magic and myth of the Andes and shot in one of the rarest ecosystems on earth, we know you want to see this movie in Chicago!


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