Upcoming ICMC Events & Appearances!

ICMC Invited to Reveal the Future of Education at the
Bright Start International Conference!
Nov. 4th and 5th

Author Nicole Dreiske, Executive Director of the International Children’s Media Center, will share proven techniques to hack the brain and unlock massive potential with early learners in two virtual workshops during the Bright Start International Conference:

Fast FOCUS! Integrating Physical Movement into Core Learning

November 4th, 2023

2:30pm-3:30pm EEST/ 8:30am CST

Regain classroom control and accelerate learning with the revolutionary Fast FOCUS! techniques. You’ll learn neuroscience-based movements and phonemic exercises that are child-centered and boost self-regulation in less than 60 seconds.

Join us for this hands-on workshop and discover a fresh, fun way to engage young minds and bodies in the joy of learning. Discover simple and effective strategies for embodied cognition that have improved classroom dynamics and accelerated learning in thousands of classrooms.


Super Charge Student Learning with Screen Smart®

November 5, 2023

2:00pm – 3:00pm EEST/ 7:30am CST

Educational innovator and children’s media expert, Nicole Dreiske, presents proven approaches that accelerate learning by teaching children to “think with their whole bodies” while using screens. This fun, neuroscience- based approach boosts literacy skills, self-regulation, and social emotional learning. Dreiske’s Screen Smart® techniques are child-centered and incorporate physical movement in unique ways to support all early learners. This workshop provides teachers with new cognitive, behavioral and emotional strategies to help students become more compassionate, focused and successful in our increasingly digital world.


The Bright Start Foundation for Maternal and Child Health is a multinational organization of early childhood experts from over thirty countries. Bright Start Foundation Conference presents more than 80 expert-led workshops and over 100 hours of live streamed content, as well as activity and lesson plans, tools, and resources for 3 months following the conference.


For more information visit: https://conferencebrightstartfoundation.org

To register, visit: https://conferencebrightstartfoundation.org/registration/

ICFilmFest 2023

Annual Summer Film Festival

Stay posted for a list of summer festival venues!  If your library, community center or Park District would  like to be an ICFilmFest Presenting Partner, contact Michelle at info@icmediacenter.org or call 773-528-6854. 

Imagination Station

Jump on board at Imagination Station and enjoy twelve charming films from ten countries! Discover how music helps a young girl harness her energy in Kenya’s Symphony (USA), join a feisty cat who thinks he’s a dog in A Cat Called Jam (Ireland), and cheer for a talented dancer in Caught Off Guard (Singapore). 

Imagination Station features five Chicago premieres, three US premieres! Films included in the program are: A-choo! (Korea), Kenya’s Symphony (USA), Rhino (UK), The Peak (Japan), El Monociclo en Cuba (USA), A Cat Called Jam (Ireland), Space Girls (UK), The Little Bird and the Bees (Switzerland), Mall (Germany), Castaway (France), Caught Off Guard (Singapore), Sea Shadow (Netherlands). 

The Little Bird and the Bees (Swtizerland)

Kenya’s Symphony (USA)

A Cat Called Jam (Ireland)

WorldScene Media Arts Residency and Film Festival

Youth Curate International Film Festivals

The Spring 2023 school year will kick off with a WorldScene Media Film Festival curated by the entire 8th grade class at Inter-American Magnet School (851 W. Waveland Ave., Chicago, IL. 60613). Students have viewed, rated, and discussed 60+ international short films to curate a film festival for Inter-American students and families. By engaging critical thinking and communicating ideas on topics such as non-violent conflict resolution, bullying, self-esteem, and global societal issues, students will become more self-aware and empowered to make healthy tech choices and develop meaningful connections to peers, family members, and youth around the world.

Check out the line up for the Who Are We Film Festival screening on Friday, February 24th.

Screen Smart Residencies

Young children learn BETTER when they MOVE. Come see how this brain-body learning system reverses COVID learning loss

2023-2024 Residencies

Turner Drew World Language School in Lowden Homes kicked off the ICMC drive for Screen Smart “program density” in Fall 2023 with a second year of Screen Smart, continuing every Wednesday through December 2023. 

On October 6th, a second year of Screen Smart launched at Cameron Magnet School (Humboldt Park). Students receive instruction every Friday through mid-January.

In January ICMC returns  to Henry Clay School in Hegewisch where K-2nd graders will level-up their Screen Smart skills with a Year 2 program.

Want Screen Smart at YOUR school? Send us an email at workshops@icmediacenter.org