Upcoming ICMC Events & Appearances!


Upcoming Guests on Highway to Health

April 12thDr. Steven Phillips and singer Dana Parish, authors of Chronic,  join Nicole to confer about managing autoimmune illness.

For more guest information, visit our Highway to Health page!

WorldScene at Cook County Jail

The ICMC and the Cook County Department of Corrections and Sheriff Tom Dart collaborate to bring the transformative film festival program WorldScene back to the Cook County Jail. Working with 44 detainees ages 18-26 in the S.A.V.E (Sheriff’s Anti-Violence Effort) program, participants will learn life-affirming media habits and job skills training as they view, rate, discuss, and curate a world-class film festival, which will include a short film produced by the participants. Check out the mini-documentary made by previous S.A.V.E WorldScene participants.

For more information on the WorldScene Film Festival and Arts Therapy program, click here: WorldScene Film Festival

Screen Smart Residencies

2021 Residencies

James Doolittle School: 525 E 35th St., Chicago, IL. 5 Prek-2nd grade classrooms every Firday staring October 5th.

Oliver Westcott School: 409 W. 80th St., Chicago, IL. Six PreK-K classrooms every Thursday starting September 30th.

2022 Residencies

Columbia Explorers Academy: 4520 S. Kedzie Ave. Chicago, IL. Six PreK classrooms every Thursday staring January 27th, 2022.

Helge Haugan School: 4540 N. Hamlin Ave. Chicago, IL 60625. Five PreK classrooms every Friday starting February 4th, 2022.

Edward Everett School: 3419 S. Bell St. Chicago, IL. 60608. Five classrooms of PreK-2nd grade students every Monday starting February 14th, 2022.

Joshua Kershaw School: 6450 S. Lowe Ave. Chicago, IL 60621. Five classrooms every Tuesday, starting March 15th 2022, including two classes of Screen Smart Year 3!