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Support social justice, combat xenophobia, promote cross-cultural connection and inspire healing


We bring great films where no festival has gone before...

Global Girls & Women’s View

The first festival of films for, by, and about girls. Global Girls and Women’s View are supported in part by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences’ prestigious FilmWatch program.

WorldScene Festival

Edgy youth-curated festivals held in jails, detention centers, and shelters, also supported by the Academy.


A festival of select short films for elementary schools screened with curriculum for Ages 2-9.


Unique touring festival for schools, museums, libraries and arts centers introduces families and communities to global perspectives. Ages 5-11.


Submit your film to ICMC

Step 1: Complete and submit the ICMC entry form

Step 2: Submit your ICMC entry fee

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Step 3: Submit your film to ICMC

Send a downloadable link for your film with two promotional photos to

If mailing a DVD or USB Flash drive, please mail to:

625 N. Kingsbury St.
Chicago, IL 60654


For the most part, due to the fact our audiences include children, justice-involved or traumatized youth, we avoid excessive profanity, all nudity, all sexual content, and graphic violence. However, all films are seen by 3 sets of juries, and many films are selected even if they contain content we avoid.

No one has ever asked for a refund, but it’s not out of the question.

Absolutely. Without fail.

Global Girls & Woman’s View, WorldScene Festival, ScreenSmart®, and ICFilmFest are all described above.  Your film will be considered for all our categories, so you don’t have to choose.

You’re in luck! As a professional courtesy, knowing the sacrifices you’ve made to create these short masterpieces, we will keep your film in the ICMC archives for up to 4 years. We will continue showing your film to different selection committees and juries to improve its chances of being selected for festivals each year.

We develop relationships with directors and film distributors and often offer fee waivers for a second or third film that they would like to submit. We sometimes offer fee waivers to films that our Submissions Coordinator believes to be exceptional for our audiences.