Protect Kids’ Minds with Two New ICMC Books!

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Author and ICMC Director Nicole Dreiske has released two powerful new eBook resources for parents, teachers, and youth leaders alike. Movies Make You Smarter™ guides educators to lay the foundations for a powerful learning relationship with screens.  Mindful Viewing™ opens the door to real dialogue around screen time, providing values-focused techniques to open children’s hearts and minds while using digital devices. Call us at 773-528-6854 or click Mindful Viewing™ and Movies Make You Smarter™.

Accelerate Student Learning with Screen Smart

The ICMC’s acclaimed Screen Smart program teaches children healthy screen habits and accelerates learning in early childhood classrooms. Field-tested for seven years, Screen Smart boosts literacy, empathy and self-regulation with a unique curriculum that helps stop screen addiction before it starts. Start today and close the achievement gap for children who are challenged, while building skills for gifted and mainstream students!

To book Screen Smart™ call 773-528-6854 or click here.


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2019 is around the corner and we need to to support at-risk young women in detention centers and shelters for abused and previously homeless youth.

The Global Girls program is a 16-week therapeutic arts residency with weekly screenings, discussions, and arts activities focused on aspirational short films. It culminates in the women producing a short film of their own and curating a high profile film festival.

Your support is essential and truly appreciated!

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Mindful ViewingWorkshops!


Studies show that screen time can stunt compassion, literacy and grit in early childhood. Parents see the distressing outcomes in dull-eyed kids who lack interest in school and may bully others. Help is here!

Mindful Viewingworkshops are now available for churches, synagogues, parent groups and community centers. 

“If we want to cultivate empathy, intelligence and human connection, we need to turn on our minds before turning on our screens.” Nicole Dreiske

Learn about Mindful ViewingTM workshops here!

2019 Screen Smart™ Partners!


Chicago area schools are leading the charge to 21st century skills!  Four forward-thinking CPS principals have been awarded coveted Screen Smart Accelerative Learning Residencies, providing 5-8 classrooms in each school with big upticks in literacy, empathy and self regulation. 

The ICMC’s newest Screen Smart partners: 

  • Leland Elementary School (512 S Lavergne Ave) led by principal Turon Ivy 

  • Chalmers Elementary School (2745 Roosevelt Rd) and principal Romain Cortez Crockett

  • Kershaw Magnet School (6450 S Lowe Ave)  headed by principal Tanya Fields

  • Jungman Elementary (1746 S Miller St) with principal Suzanne Luzzi at the helm.

A special shout-out to the brilliant AP’s and counselors, Jennifer Sanks, Karen Jones and Abigail Zureich  who identified Screen Smart as a “must have” for their schools.

Stream HuffPost “How to Raise a Kid” Conference!

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New Parent Resource!


Parents, here’s some exciting news to make your job easier!

Nicole Dreiske has offered up more of her life-changing tips for 21st century parenting! Check out the Screen SmartTM Chapter in Christine Martin’s new book, YOU’VE GOT THIS: Keys to Effective Parenting in the Early Years.

Available now!

Calling All Filmmakers


Submit your short films for a chance to be included in the ICMC's groundbreaking festivals and programs:

• WorldScene Festival- Films for festivals curated by youth in jails, detention centers and shelters. 13+

• ScreenSmart™– Accelerated learning program for preschools and elementary schools. Ages 2-9.

• ICFilmFest– This unique touring event introduces families throughout the Midwest to high quality international film and global perspectives. Ages 2-11.

Global Girls & Women’s View- Films for, by and about girls and young women in shelters, and jails. Ages 13+  Global Girls is supported in part by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences prestigious FilmWatch program.

Entry fees: $75/short film and $125/feature film.

Click here for the ICMC entry form to submit your film. Deadline: March 15, 2018


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Learn the revolutionary Screen Smart approach and protect your children from screen addiction with Nicole Dreiske’s book, THE UPSIDE OF DIGITAL DEVICES.  Scores of Screen Smart strategies for digital wellness are detailed, including:

  • How to have great talks with kids about movies, apps, games and digital safety.

  • Ways to help children to build their own media “filters and controls”.

  • Fun exercises to make kids self-aware during screen use. 

  • Simple steps for using screen time to build vocabulary, empathy and literacy skills.

  • Tips to strengthen family values while using digital devices.

Winner of the National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval, THE UPSIDE OF DIGITAL DEVICES makes Screen Smart  fun, easy and affordable for parents.  Buy the ebook here.

Movies Make You Smarter™ at ICFilmFest Screenings!

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The ICFilmFest has a new partner!  Now, Movies Make You Smarterwill open and close every ICFF screening. This neuroscience-based approach changes brain chemistry during screen time so even the youngest children learn healthy ways to use, view and engage media.  Each event provides children with digital wellness techniques they learn at festivals and practice at home! Click here to book Movies Make You Smarter™!

“Hedgehogs" Wins Northbrook Best of Fest Prize



After hundreds of votes were counted, Hedgehogs and the City (Latvia), directed by Evalds Lacis, has won the Best of Fest Prize  at the 3rd Annual Northbrook ICFilmFest, held Saturday, November 24th at the Northbrook Library.  In this charming stop motion film, a group of animals led by two clever hedgehogs, collaborate to reclaim the homes they lost when a city was built.

Women’s View at Cook County Jail, Supported by AMPAS

After interviewing four agencies as prospective partners for the landmark Global Girls/Women's View therapeutic arts program, the ICMC has selected Cook County Jail as the site for the next Women's View residency. With more than 200 films identified for the 2018 program, Women's View promises to deliver transformative experiences for women in Tier 2 at the CCJ.   Supported by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the program trains court-involved females in vital 21st century skills and provides economic opportunities that lead to employment.  

Help Keep Kids’ Minds Awake!


We’re on a mission to help kids LOVE learning -- won’t you join us? Make a donation today to help the ICMC bring Screen SmartTM to children around the country. $150 supports one Screen Smart session for an impoverished early childhood classroom.

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Digital Wellness Workshops

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Tech troubles at your school or home? If your child has problems with sexting, cyber bullying, game addiction or social media the ICMC can help. Call us about Digital LaunchPad: Building Healthy Tech Habits for your school, PTA or parent group: 773-528-6854, or email

ICMC Director On WGN News

Photo: Jennifer Girard

Photo: Jennifer Girard

WGN's Julie Unruh interviews Executive Director Nicole Dreiske on "the Fortnite phenomenon" and how to avoid the game becoming an addiction:

“The Chop” Cuts Through Competition At First-Ever Film Festival Inside A Municipal Jail

The Chop,  UK

The Chop, UK

Congratulations to Lewis Rose, director of the funny English film The Chop, whichwas voted BEST OF FEST by the staff and inmates of Cook County Jail at the first-ever WorldScene Film Festival on Thurday, August 9, an event curated by detainees at the Cook County Jail and the audience at its public screening at 625 N. Kingsbury which followed on Saturday, August 11th, 2018.

Laughter rang through the Cook County Dept of Corrections audience of 200+ inmates as they watched Yossi, an out-of-work Kosher butcher pretend to be Muslim in order to find employment at a Halal butcher shop. One detainee at the screening commented: ‘It was a good movie. You’ve got to be yourself and not try to be something you’re not.”  An older detainee from the veterans group at the jail said, “See, folks are never as far apart as you think they are. Just got to try a little harder to connect.”