Re-Humanize Tech Use with the ICMC

The Challenges of Screen Time

Children spend 1600+ hours a year with screens, making digital devices the most influential forces in their lives. Yet we know that thousands of studies detail screen-related dangers including ADD/ADHD, literacy loss, bullying and depression. In ICMC programs these concerns are resolved by “priming” young minds for optimal outcomes before turning on digital devices. The results are exponential gains in empathy and learning.


Opportunities for Transformative E-Learning

The ICMC creates festivals, workshops, and educational programs that model compassionate ways to engage digital devices while ensuring access to high-quality, culturally diverse media. Contact

Screen Smart®

Screen Smart® is an accelerative learning program that closes the achievement gap for at-risk children by rapidly improving literacy, empathy and self-regulation — in just 30 minutes, once a week! The child-centered Screen Smart approach helps kids build “media filters” and gives parents new ways to interact with their children around screens.


ICFilmFest – The ICMC takes festivals “where no festival has gone before” with programs of award-winning international and multi-cultural films. The ICFilmFest introduces families to global culture and opens their minds to new perspectives, defusing racial, gender and religious bias.

Global Girls, Women’s View & WorldScene

Global Girls, Women’s View & WorldSceneThese inspirational arts residency programs boost prosocial behaviors, reduce aggression and serve as job training for marginalized and abused youth in detention centers, jails and homeless shelters.   Using the ICMC’s inclusive approaches, the young people curate a festival and make their own films. Final festivals take place in theaters, detention centers and community centers.


Fast FOCUS! and Mindful Viewing®

Fast FOCUS! and Mindful Viewing® Workshops, Seminars & Parent Resources The ICMC’s workshops for teachers, parents, pediatricians, counselors, and corporations provide adults with essential 21st-century tools.


THE UPSIDE OF DIGITAL DEVICES– How to Make Your Child More Screen Smart®, Literate and Emotionally Intelligent was written by ICMC director, Nicole Dreiske. Published in May, 2018 by HCI Books), UPSIDE received the National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval.  Nicole has since presented talks for the Huffington Post, the UN, and TEDx Chicago.