Keynote: Re-Humanizing Tech Use

Children watch 1,600 hours of TV and other media a year (that’s more than 4 hours a day!) How can you control technology’s effect on your children? How can you help them be more selective about what they watch and understand what they watch?

This talk by Executive Director Nicole Dreiske will give you:

  • Fun, simple tips that’ll change the way your children watch and think about media.
  • Pointers on talking to them about what they watch
  • Activities to get children thinking critically about TV & movies
  • Proven techniques for stopping screen addiction before it starts!

What audiences say

“Nicole’s got great energy and great ideas! Just show up, you’ll be glad you did.”

J. Bradley

“This was fantastic — it completely changed the way I think about screens.”

Ilona G.

“The talk gave me a huge boost! It made me feel truly hopeful about ways to manage the overwhelming impact of technology on me and my family.”  

 R. Witkowski

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