Keynote: Joyful Learning

In this uplifting keynote,  author and educational innovator,  Nicole Dreiske, shares a life-affirming, whole-body approach for supercharging 21st century learning, and reversing COVID learning loss.  It all starts with the impossible — by making healthy tech habits fun!

 Ignite the change in 21st century education with whole-body learning:

  • Strategies that teach children to LOVE thinking and learning,
  • New approaches for energizing classroom engagement and student interest, 
  • Brain-body techniques for self-regulation and accelerated learning,
  • Fast, fun ways to overcome the obstacles of sedentary classrooms, and
  • Exciting, child-centered techniques to advance “human technology” and build brain power.

What audiences say

“Nicole’s got great energy and great ideas! Just show up, you’ll be glad you did.”

J. Bradley

“This was fantastic — it completely changed the way I think about screens, kids and learning.”

Ilona G.

“The talk gave me a huge boost! It made me feel truly hopeful about ways to manage the overwhelming impact of technology on the world and my own family.”  

 R. Witkowski

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