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Screen Smart® - Accelerated Learning for Early Childhood

For teachers of grades PreK-2nd (2-3hr session)

Our youngest children consume more screen content than ever, leading to problems with behavior and focus, and lagging literacy skills. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. ICMC’s neuroscience-based strategy focuses on digital storytelling, using  your youngest students’ screen time to accelerate their learning! In this workshop you’ll learn how to accelerate early childhood learning by teaching healthy screen habits, and helping students connect stories on screens to the stories in books.  

Competencies you’ll gain:

  • Essential self-regulation and focusing exercises that support leadership skills & confidence
  • Step-by-step lessons for using digital media as a 21st Century learning & literacy tool in the classroom
  • Screen-based approaches to elevate empathy & social-emotional learning (SEL)
  • Creative pre-and post-viewing activities aligned with ELA Common Core Frameworks. 
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Fast FOCUS! What to Do When Students Get Wiggly

For grades PreK-5th (2-3 hour session)

When students suffer from distraction or lack self-regulation, managing those behaviors can wreck a day of learning. Fast FOCUS! helps teachers regain control on stressful and unpredictable days. 

At the workshop, presented in-person or digitally, you’ll learn high-energy micromovements, including handplay and vocal exercises, that restore students’ attention. Fact: Exercise strengthens neural pathways and improves cognitive skills.

Competencies you’ll gain:

  • Background on the techniques & how exercise improves learning
  • Warm-up: Handplay & Micro-movements 
  • Energy-boosting brain-body exercises
  • Game-based exercises to boost creativity and concentration
  • Articulation exercises to strengthen consonants

With Fast FOCUS you’ll be able to get students focused and excited to learn in just 30-60 seconds! 

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Using Media & Technology to Improve Skills, Scores & SEL

For grades K-12th (3 hour session)

Children are visual learners and media is a powerful learning tool. We show teachers how to integrate media into impactful lesson plans that boost student participation, social emotional learning (SEL), and educational outcomes.

Competencies you’ll gain:

  • How a student-centered approach to 21st Century skills can improve learning
  • Rubrics for using values-based short films to improve empathy and text-to-self connections
  • How digital storytelling can strengthen reading and ELA common core frameworks 
  • Achieving multiple learning outcomes from showing a digital medium.
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Screen Smart® for ELL Classrooms

For grades K-12th (3 hour session)

Children watch 1,600 hours of TV and other media a year. This high-energy workshop shows you how to use some of that screen time to strengthen ELL students’ classroom work. You’ll learn techniques for using media to stimulate student engagement, prompt critical thinking, and improve students’ ability in many Common Core frameworks.

Competencies you’ll gain:

  • Basics of media literacy
  • Strategies for engaging your students in dialog that supports classroom learning 
  • Learning-rich activities to get students thinking critically after they’ve watched TV or movies
  • High-energy pronunciation exercises.

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Screen Smart® Self-Care for Teachers Stress Relief Strategies

For grades PreK-12th (1.5-2hr session)

Give your teachers support and relief from the physical stiffness, and mental tension that can build up during long hours of classroom teaching. These fast, fun exercises and healthy tips help educators feel better during sedentary days spent teaching online.The workshop provides teachers with:

  • Short aerobic exercises that flush out lactic acid build-up that causes aches in joints.
  • Energizing low-impact movements to boost focus and well-being.
  • Breathing exercises for calming and concentration.
  • Seated micro-movements to elevate heart rate and oxygenate blood.
  • Tips for staying hydrated, healthy and focused.

Screen Smart Self-Care workshops help teachers boost their immune systems, alleviate muscle pains, and sharpen concentration and neural-connections. Help your faculty build greater resilience with a self-care toolkit!

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