Workshop & Webinars for Parents

The Upside of Digital Devices Workshop

For parents of children ages 2-10 (45-90 minutes)

Nicole Dreiske is our founder & executive director and the author of The Upside of Digital Devices: How to Make Your Child More Screen Smart, Literate and Emotionally Intelligent (May: 2018, HCI Books). In this innovative and engaging  workshop, she brings you 40 years’ experience in teaching children mindful viewing techniques. 

You’ll learn…

  • What your child feels and thinks about media.
  • How to use digital devices to accelerate learning.
  • A step-by-step technique for practicing mindful viewing with your child that’s as simple as reading a bedtime story and draws upon skills you already have.
  • Ways to help your child with self-regulation and self-control using movement, sounds, and other cues that increase focus and nurture higher-order thinking skills.
  • How to stop the tug-of-war between you and child over what they can watch
  • How to make your child spontaneously ask you to turn things off
  • A simple vocabulary for training your child to stay away from harmful digital content
  • How to deepen your child’s emotional intelligence, empathetic responses, and capacity for compassion through a fun, fresh approach to family screen time    

If you’ve been holding your breath as your child explores the digital wilderness, after attending this workshop you’ll finally exhale and say, “It’s going to be okay. I can do this.”

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The Screen Smart® Webinar

Children spend 1,600 hours a year (4.4 hours a day!) with screens. Obviously, not all screen time helps. Though turning off the TV merely deprives them of screen influences.

The problem isn’t screen time alone, it’s also our expectations and habits around technology.  With our Screen Smart solution you can  use family screen time to strengthen relationships with your children and help them to enjoy technology in healthy, balanced ways throughout their lives.

This webinar distills eight years of developing Screen Smart into the 3 C’s of using screen time to boost learning at home:

  1. Communicate: Watching and talking go together
  2. Co-view: When kids interact with others during screen time, they learn more
  3. Connect the stories, kids, on screens to the stories they read in books

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Mindful Viewing®: How to Make Screen Time Really Count​

For parents, youth group leaders, and their elementary school-age children (70 minutes)

Children are visual learners. They also watch 1,600 hours of TV and other media a year. But what are they really “learning” from screen time?  How can parents have meaningful talks with children about their screen experiences?

It’s essential that we talk with our children and Mindful Viewing shows you how to make that dialog fun and meaningful.

In this 70-minute workshop, you’ll:

  • Watch award-winning short films with your children and learn how different parts of a film affect us all.
  • Hear first-hand what kids like and why they like it.
  • Understand how kids’ minds work while consuming media (and learn something about your responses, too!)
  • Find out how to build trust and use media for family bonding, by consciously chatting with your children about their media reactions and opinions.
  • Best of all, Mindful Viewing teaches your children how to develop “media filters” and start processing what they see and hear.

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KidScreen: Talk to Me!

For parents and elementary school children (30 minutes)

Since media is part of our children’s lives, talking with children about media is an essential 21st century skill for parents, especially for neutralizing negative messages they (and we!) unwittingly pick up. In this 30-minute webinar, you and your children will:

  • Understand how media affects kids’ minds;
  • Hear first-hand what children like and why;
  • Learn how to process what they’re watching;
  • Enhance parent-children communication about screen time.

It’s the first step to a rich lifelong conversation on media, guided by your family’s values.

(There’s also a 15-minute version for libraries & bookstores)

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