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You’ll use the Screen SmartTM approach to:

  • Develop healthy screen habits that can support your work and your family. Lead by example!

  • Hold meaningful discussions about screen time.

  • Understand how screens affect children’s minds and behaviors so you can help them make better digital choices.

  • Bridge the “disconnect” between compassion and screen content.

  • Engage digital devices mindfully and share Screen SmartTM skills with others.

Dr. Nicholas Peneff, President, Public Health & Safety, Inc.

Dr. Nicholas Peneff, President, Public Health & Safety, Inc.

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Winner of National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval!

"The Upside of Digital Devices” is a good, easy, and quick read with the premise that it is not beneficial to just limit the amount of screen time. Instead, we need to educate ourselves with information and knowledge to better enable us to teach our children to be 'screen smart.'" - The National Parenting Center

"Nicole is the world's leading expert on how kids can and should interact with media and screens so that they bring their higher order thinking to bear.  For every adult who's wondered how to talk with children about digital devices, this is the book that can change the parenting and teaching paradigms around screens."  - Salim Ismail, Founding CEO of Singularity University, Chair of ExO Works, Best-Selling Author of Exponential Organizations, and Former Vice President of Yahoo!

Published May 2018 by HCI Books, publishers of the acclaimed “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, Nicole Dreiske's electrifying book on Screen SmartTM is available on Amazon.

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Jennifer Gerard

Jennifer Gerard