WorldScene Film Festival

Films About Identity Culture

Nine fascinating films from seven countries show us that representation matters.

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Who Are We?

Curated by the graduating class of 2023 at Inter-American Magnet School, the nine films in Who Are We? highlight stories of compassion, self-awareness and hope. With humor and honesty, the quirky, compelling characters in these short films show us that asking the right questions may give us growing pains, but can bring real insights into our deeper selves. The program features six Chicago premieres and one US premiere.

Best of Fest WINNER

Princesa (USA)

Directed by: Melanie Rosete

The Films

Frank’s Joke

UK, 2018   6 mins

Directed by: Edward Bulmer

A man fixates on his embarrassment after telling a silly joke at the office. In English.

Chicago Premiere.

Meet the Director at the Q&A



USA, 2019 15min.

Directed by: Melanie Rosete

A Mexican immigrant wants to make his daughter’s quinceañera celebration perfect, but he finds himself struggling with family and financial pressures. In English/Spanish with English subtitles.

Chicago Premiere.

Meet the Director at the Q&A


USA, 2019 4min. 

Directed by: Trilina Mai

A slice-of-life glimpse into the evolving relationship between a grandfather and his grandson. Non-verbal.

Chicago Premiere.

Meet the Director at the Q&A


Croatia, 2018, 14min. 

 Directed by: Marko Belić

A tiny boy named Bobo dreams of growing bigger so that he can fit in with everyone else. His wish takes him on a journey to the stars and beyond. Non-verbal.   

US Premiere

Ài Bàba (Love Dad)

USA, 2019 6min. 

Directed by: Connie Huang

A found-footage documentary about a girl dealing with her parents’ upcoming divorce. In English and Chinese with English subtitles.

Chicago Premiere

Try to Fly

Canada, 2020 8min 

Directed by: The Affolter Brothers

A baby owl’s life flashes before its eyes as it falls towards the ground after its mother pushes it out of the nest. Non-verbal.

Chicago Premiere.

Meet the Director at the Q&A


UK, 2020 15min.

Directed by: Steven Chatterton & Mark Arrigo

A kind young boy tries to help his mother recover from PTSD after losing her home to the bombings in Aleppo, Syria. In Arabic with English subtitles.

Chicago premiere

Les Chaussures de Louis

France, 2020 5min. 

Directed by: Théo Jamin, Kayu Leung, Marion Phillippe, Jean-Géraud Blanc

An 8-year-old boy with autism introduces himself in charming and disarming ways on the first day of school. In French with English subtitles.

Meet the Director at the Q&A

Moon Drops 

Israel/Serbia, 2018 16min. 

Directed by: Yoram Ever-Hadani

A lonely factory worker distills magical drops from the light of the moon and tries to win the woman of his dreams. Non-verbal.

Chicago Premiere.

Meet the Director at the Q&A

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