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Author Explains What's Most Important in Dealing with Kids and Screen Time

"It's become one of the toughest day-to-day jobs for parents - protecting children from what they see online and regulating how much screen time they're getting every day. [Dreiske] says the solution is found in how they are engaging and interacting with that screen." - WKRC


Designation of ‘Gaming Disorder’ Fuels Parents’ Fears About Addictive Video Games

"The problem [about gaming addiction] is, there isn't enough dialogue on the matter between parents and kids, Dreiske says. She wants parents to communicate better with their kids, and even play games with them to get a sense of the habits, reactions, and intensity." - CLTV

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Executive Director Nicole Dreiske on Fox News

"We don't include all those great family interactions, that we've built up, with screens. One of the things that parents need to do a little bit more is spend time with their children, with these screens."- Nicole Dreiske on Fox 32

Shout Out: Nicole Dreiske, Authored Book on Kids and Digital Devices

"Technology isn’t bad. It’s what we do with our minds while using screens that counts. I teach kids that there’s more going on in their minds than what they see on screens, that they’re unique individuals with great potential, purpose and creativity. They just need to turn on the mind before turning on the screen." - Nicole Dreiske for the Chicago Tribune



Meet Nicole Dreiske of International Children’s Media Center in River North

"My approach is different because it’s based on wishes voiced by parents (and teachers and pediatricians and counselors) who told me what they want from technology for their children. I took their lists to heart and put together a fun, neuroscience-based approach drawn from my experience with accelerative learning and inquiry-based methodologies."- Nicole Dreiske for Voyage Chicago

The Crisis Zone: What to Do About The News

"While my instinctive adult response may be to corral and contain the child’s emotions, we can turn these disturbing media moments into opportunities for family bonding if we talk less, listen more and ask questions."- Nicole Dreiske for PTA's Our Children


Screen Plot

"In school workshops, Dreiske says, she “first primes children’s minds” and then guides them through a close analysis of a short video or app as if it were a storybook. In addition to drawing on literacy skills during screen time, she encourages children to talk about what the character was feeling and how they, as the viewer, felt about it. It’s important for all of us to turn on our minds before turning on our screens." - Nicole Dreiske for JWC Media

Interview with Nicole Dreiske: ScreenSmart™ Kids Are Kinder, Smarter, Closer

"You already teach your children social skills, empathy and civility by example and instruction. Because digital devices are social media tools, it’s logical for us to extend those social skills to phones, tablets and computers."- Nicole Dreiske for MovieMom

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