WorldScene Film Festival 2021

Join us on Thursday, July 29th for the WorldScene Film Festival screening of “Turn of Events.”

Curated by youth from BUILDChicago the program explores powerful themes of diversity, empowerment, and overcoming obstacles, including the Academy Award- nominated short Feeling Through (USA). One BUILD curator said, “The films all have different situations, lessons and emotions that people can learn from. The mood of the films is really unpredictable so you have to stay with them all the way.”

The young curators also had the exciting opportunity to produce their own film, Guardian Angel, which will premiere at the Festival. Guardian Angel celebrates the life of Heriberto “Coco” Calixto, a 40-year youth mentor at BUILD who passed away during the Covid pandemic.

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Suggested donation: $10 for general public.

Thursday Jul 29, 2021

Location: Michele Clark High School 5101 W. Harrison


1:00 pm – Film Festival starts

2:30 pm – Voting begins

2:40 pm – Panel discussion with Youth

Special Thanks To Our Donors:

The Films

Feeling Through (USA)

Run Time: 20 minutes

Year: 2020

Directed by: Doug Roland

About the film: A late-night encounter on a New York City street leads to a profound connection between a teen-in-need and a DeafBlind man.

Iron Hands (China/USA)

Run Time: 10 minutes

Year: 2017

Directed by: Johnson Cheng

About the Film: A twelve-year old girl tries out for the traditionally all-boys Chinese youth Olympic weightlifting team. As she prepares for her final test, she makes an unlikely connection with the weightlifting gym’s reclusive groundskeeper.