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Children spend 1400 hours a year with screens and hundreds of studies have shown those hours to be developmentally detrimental to children. Digital devices often diminish vocabulary, deprive children of active playtime and expose them to potentially damaging content.

Imagine how different those outcomes would be if children used higher order thinking skills every time they turned on a screen.

Movies Make You Smarteruses neuroscience-based methodologies to change brain chemistry before the screening starts! Even the youngest children will learn how to think critically and talk about the content they see on screens. You’ll provide children with digital wellness techniques they can learn at festivals and practice at home!

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Parents and teachers of all economic and racial backgrounds care about protecting their children from digital devices and finding high quality multi-cultural media for their children. The ICFilmFest and Movies Make You Smarter were designed to meet these vital needs by bringing healthy screen habits and world class festivals to community organizations, schools and arts center who could otherwise not afford such events.

PROGRAM DESIGN: The ICFF offers specially curated packages of age-appropriate award-winning international films. Trained facilitators will hold Movies Make You Smarter discussions before and after every screening. Children of all ages will learn “How to watch a movie with your mind awake” and have meaningful discourse about media and its impact.

Lay the foundation for healthy screen habits and teach critical thinking in a single screening with Movies Make You Smarter!

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