Mindful Viewing

Mindful Viewing™ workshops are designed to teach children and youth healthy screen habits. The program provides values-focused media education and values-based films for churches, families, community groups faith-based organizations.

Spending 1400 hours a year with questionable screen content can erode the foundations of children’s values and faith just as it erodes interest in academic achievement. Children and youth need to understand, for themselves, how they are being affected by screen content and screen time.

Mindful Viewing™ gives children themselves the tools to filter and process the media they watch. Different from traditional “media literacy”, the methodology focuses on fostering self awareness and empathy in children, ages 2-18 by using an enquiry-based approach that brings the values and hidden messages of media into conscious awareness.


The Program

Residency – 90 minute sessions of film-based learning programs for specific age groups (four session minimum, twelve session maximum). Each session is supported by a trained facilitator and Mindful Viewing study guide

Adult Workshops – Mindful Viewing workshops for parents, or parents and children together to give adults the vital tools for starting a faith-focused dialog about media and screen hygiene. As well, Mindful Viewing workshops and retreats are available for directors of religious education and pastors.

Culminating Event - Shining Minds Film Festival with curated, age-appropriate programs for different age groups.

To book Mindful Viewing™ call 773-528-6854 or click here.