KidScreen: Talk to ME!

Children love movies and young people are visual learners. We know they’re absorbing ideas from what they watch. But when those ideas turn up in our homes and classrooms, it can be a shock! Talking about media’s messages and making them part of family dialog is a 21st Century Skill. It’s also an effective strategy for neutralizing negative messages that young people can sometimes pick up from media.

Learn how to start a lifelong conversation with your kids, guided by your family’s values.

Photo:’ll watch award winning short films together with your teens and learn about how the different parts of a film affect us. •  You’ll hear first-hand, what kids like and why they like it.

The result: children feel validated because their ideas are valued.
• Adults get a real window into how kids’ minds work.

•  Both adults and children get an introduction to 21st Century learning skills.


This dynamic workshop is designed for parents with their kids.

Together you’ll learn to process what you’re watching and talk about it, then turn these skills into real channels of communication with your children


For Scheduling Contact: David Orlikoff at (773) 528-6854 or
International Children’s Media Center 3817 N. Bell Avenue Chicago, IL 60618