Parent Workshops and Teleseminars

 1. Screen Smart - The Upside of Using Digital Devices

Children are spending 1400 hours a year with screens and most parents have questions about the impact of those hours on their children’s development. This workshop will help parents resolve their concerns and provide real tools to help children engage screens mindfully instead of mindlessly.

Imagine how differently you would feel about “screen time” if children used higher order thinking skills every time they turned on a screen! Unlike TV turn-off which simply seeks to avoid screen influences, Dreiske’s approach demonstrate that the problem is not “screen time” itself but rather the child’s expectations and habituated responses to engaging screen-based content

Nicole Dreiske offers a practical new solution that helps build positive relationships around family screen time. This unique approach to “kids and screens” creates an environment with open lines of communication that can improve parents’ relationships with their children, and give children a real foundation for relating to screens and media in healthy, balanced ways.


2. Mindful Viewing -  How to Make Screen Time Really Count

Children are visual learners and we all know that they absorb ideas from the media they watch. But when those ideas turn up in our homes and classrooms, it can be a shock. Talking about media’s messages and making them part of family dialog is essential for children as their interactions with media escalate.

Mindful Viewing shows you how to have a real dialogue with your kids about media.

• You’ll watch award winning short films together with your children and learn about how the different parts of a film affect us.
• You’ll hear first-hand, what kids like and why they like it.
• Adults get a vital window into how kids’ minds work when watching media (and learn something about their own responses, too.)

This dynamic 70-min. event was created for parents with their children. Validating children’s viewpoints, and letting them talk about their responses to what they watch, helps build trust and makes media a source of family bonding. Best of all, children will learn how to develop “media filters” and start processing the media they see and hear

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