Highway to Health

ICMC Executive Director, Nicole Dreiske spotlights innovation in Health and Wellness in a weekly hour-long radio call-in show on SiriusXM Channel 146.

Every Tuesday, 7am Central

Highway to Health - We're Upshifting​

The longest-running health program on radio expands to a full hour with exciting new segments sponsored by Healthy Trucking of America.

Each Week

Mobile Medic – 3 top health stories in 3 minutes, followed by Nicole Dreiske and esteemed guests discussing advances in treatment for the most pressing health concerns drivers face on the road.

Twice a Month

Club Nemo – Radio’s first on-air fitness program! Nicole will interview top trainers and help drivers get weight, heart rate, hypertension and nutrition under control on the road.  
What’s In YOUR Cab? Reviews of the best roadworthy products to make long trips more comfortable.


Whole Health Station – Learn about the benefits of the VA’s new Whole Health program when Nicole chats with integrative health experts.
Plus, Pet Pals profiles the health benefits of our favorite truck buddies with featured stories. 

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Up Coming Guests on Highway to Health

Tuesday, May 24th

Former truck driver of 31 years, and author of Moving My Mountains, Glenn C. Keller gives tips on healthy goal setting.

Mycologist and author of Mushroom Cultivation, Jeff Chilton enlightens on the magnificent healing properties of mushrooms.

Tuesday, May 31st

Dr. CK Babcock, clincal associate professor at Marshall University, West Virginia, decodes long-haul Covid for truckers.


Professor and author of Supercharge Your Brain, James Goodwin returns to Highway to Health to elucidate the connection between diet and brain health.

Past Guests

Tuesday, May 17th

Jessica Goss, integrative health practitioner, wellness coach an creator of An Herb and Love Story talks about freedom from depression.

On CLUB NEMO Dr. Wendy Scinta, founder of the Obesity Medicine Association and author of BOUNCE illuminates new advances in obesity medicine.

Tuesday, May 10th

Chief Medical Officer at Summit Clinical Research, Sophie Jeannin Megnien discusses symptons and treatments of fatty liver disease.


VA Emergency doctor, Chad Kessler talks with Nicole about integrative care for veterans.

Tuesday, May 3rd

Jeffrey Rediger, MD, author of Cured: Strengthen Your Immune System and Heal Your Life  offers tips for boosting immune system.

Tuesday, April 26th

Primatologist and author Dr. Frans de Waal explains parallels in primates and humans, including sexuality and gender fluidity.