ICMC's Top Keynote Address:  

"Don’t Just Press Play!"

From teens to toddlers, children watch more than a thousand hours of television and other media each year. How are they responding? What are they really learning from what they watch? What can adults do to help kids digest what they see and be more selective about their media choices? Executive Director Nicole Dreiske answers these questions by giving you the tools to start controlling media's affect on your children. 

This dynamic talk will give you: 

• Three quick steps to "set-up" kids' media experience
• Strategies for engaging your kids in dialog about their responses to what they watch.
• Learning-rich activities to get students thinking critically after they’ve watched TV or movies.  

These user-friendly techniques will change the way your children use, view and engage media.                     


Photo: beckermedia.com.Teacher comments:
"This one was fantastic - it completely changed the way I think about media." Sherry G.

"I never imagined something so useful could be this much fun!" Doris R.,

"Great presentation!!! Sound ideas which promote higher order thinking skills. I will definitely use these techniques." P. Otero,




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