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Children spend over 1400 hours a year with screens. That’s more time than they spend at school or with their families.  This saturated exposure to screens has a powerful, often negative effect on young children’s development. Countless studies have proven a positive correlation between screen time and increased aggression, diminished empathy, childhood obesity, depression, ADD/ADHD, pornography, bullying and other childhood challenges.

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 In hundreds of interviews with parents, pediatricians, teachers and children, the ICMC discovered a powerful set of criteria for “a positive relationship with screens”.  These criteria informed the developed of ICMC core methodologies.

Using neuroscience-based cues, ICMC programs teach children to “prime” their minds before they start watching screens.   The ICMC approach teaches children to approach media as they would a book, looking for themes, characters, and plot. By approaching media with an “awakened” critical mind, young children learn to be more aware of the content they are consuming, and how they are affected by it.