“Reflection Day” Wins BEST OF FEST Award at Global Girls Festival!

 Reflection Day, USA

Following the SRO screening of "Films for Life" at the Harbour's Global Girls Festival on December 2nd, the enthusiastic audience spoke with directors and voted for their favorite films. "Reflection Day" a powerful film about an elderly Alzheimer's patient reflecting on the civil rights movement won the Global Girls BEST OF FEST prize. Lisa Kirazian and Edythe Davis, director and producer of "Reflection Day" were in attendance.  The Global Girls Film Festival is supported by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences FilmWatch program.

ICMC Developing New Global Girls Partnerships!

The ICMC is now interviewing new agencies as prospective partners for the landmark Global Girls film immersion program. With more than 200 films identified for the 2018 program, Global Girls promises to deliver transformative experiences for girls and young women in three agencies.  The program trains girls in vital 21st century skills and provides economic opportunities that lead to employment for marginalized young women in homeless shelters and detention centers.  To volunteer, call 773-528-6854!

Global Girls from ICMC on Vimeo.

Close the Achievement Gap with Screen SmartTM


Check out Screen SmartTM the ICMC's accelerated learning program for PreK-1st grade. The 12 session course boosts literacy and empathy while giving early childhood students much needed focus and self-regulation skillls.



MY FIRST MEDIA | How to Accelerate Early Childhood Learning from ICMC on Vimeo.

“Wonder” - ICMC Exclusive Preview Screening


On Nov. 9, in collaboration with Lionsgate Studios and WITPR, the ICMC will host a special preview screening and panel discussion of "Wonder" based on the NY Times best-selling book. Starring Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson, "Wonder" tracks the true story of Augie Pullman, a child with facial differences, during his first year at a mainstream school. 

It’s A Tie! Two Films Win BEST OF FEST at EDYC Film Festival!

Hundreds of students at the Elliott Donnelly Youth Center in Bronzeville gathered together for three unique screenings featured in the International Children's Film Festival in July and August. 

After a close race, there was a tie for the Best of Fest Award. Polish Fairy Tales: the Golden Apple Tree, produced by Polish Television, melted the hearts of viewers while they rooted for a sweet young girl trying to overcome a greedy townswoman. Weston Woods' Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed had audiences laughing as they were taught to embrace differences. Congratulations to both films!

AMPAS Greenlights Global Girls

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) has awarded a prestigious FilmWatch grant to the International Children's Media Center for its groundbreaking Global Girls Residency and Festival.

"This year, the grants will support non-profit organizations in 24 communities across the country, reach underserved high school students, support emerging and mid-career filmmakers of all ages, and will provide unique opportunities for enrichment and engagement with the cinematic community and its artists," said Buffy Shutt, chair of the Academy's grants committee.

 Global Girls generates meaningful dialogue about female focused topics, and culminates in participants making a movie and curating their own film festivals. This transformative, evidence-based program works with marginalized young women in shelters and detention centers, helping them rise above limitations to build an empowered future. 

Holland's Munya In Me Wins Best of Fest at Global Girls Festival 7/15


Munya In Me, Holland

"Munya In Me," (dir. Mascha Halberstam) a touching film that follows a young girl as she learns to stand up to bullies, won the "Best of Fest Award" at the Global Girls Film Festival! The Night Ministry's powerful program, "Rise Above It," showcased 7 moving films from 6 different countries, including 4 Chicago premieres. The screening moved audiences with themes of overcoming adversity and finding strength through hardship. 

"Marina's Ocean" Wins Best of Fest Prize at Global Girls Festival

Photo: Jireh Martin

Following a high-spirited Q&A with curators and directors at BUILDChicago's Global Girls Festival on June 9th, the enthusiastic audience awarded the Best of Fest prize to Brazilian director Cassio P. Santos for his film "Marina's Ocean" about a girl determined to go on her big sister's graduation trip.

Inspiring PD Resources!

Check into ICMC professional development and discover how a great PD workshop can revive your passion for teaching!

1. Using Media & Technology to Improve Common Core Outcomes

Connecting the stories on screens to the stories in books will boost literacy, critical thinking and empathy.  The result:  better learning and happy students. All Grades.

2. Screen Smart Learning Strategies for ELL Learners

This high-energy workshop shows educators how to use narrative media to improve ELL students’ abilities in many common core frameworks. All Grades.

3. My First Media/Screen Smart - Accelerated Learning for Early Childhood 

Learn a multi-sensory approach that accelerates learning and boosts self-regulation for PreK-2nd grade students. You'll close the achievement gap in a semester!  

4. Instant RECESS – What to Do When Students Lose Focus

Chaotic or unpredictable days that diminish learning can be a nightmare that stretches into the whole year. These lively physical and vocal techniques boost classroom energy and focus every day. Prek-5th.

Call 773-528-6854 or email info@icmediacenter.org.

Support Healthy Screen Habits!

The ICMC’s revolutionary work with thousands of at-risk children and youth depends on you!

Your contribution will bring accelerative learning and “screen smart skills” to impoverished schools, and to homeless, abused and incarcerated youth. 

Special Screening of "STEP" Saturday, Dec 16th

ICMC’s Global Girls participants, along with high school girls who participated in the Chicago Housing Authority's summer Filmmaking Intensive,  will attend a special screening of the inspirational film, “Step” hosted by Depaul University in collaboration with Vulcan Films, ICMC and Chaz Ebert. The film documents the senior year of a girls’ high-school step dance team in inner-city Baltimore. Screening starts at 2pm followed by a Q&A at DePaul's CDM Theater, 247 S. State Street. RogerEbert.com writes, “‘Step’ is both a buoyantly uplifting celebration of African-American womanhood and the dedicated educators who have their backs. The real prize here isn’t a trophy but the assurance that each and every senior will head off to college despite the obstacles they face in their daily lives.” 

ICMC Director’s “UPSIDE OF DIGITAL DEVICES” Available on Amazon for Preorder!

Photo/Jennifer Girard

Nicole Dreiske's THE UPSIDE OF DIGITAL DEVICES - How to Make Your Young Child More Screen Smart, Literate and Emotionally Intelligent is available for preorder on Amazon. The long-awaited book shares ICMC's powerful Screen SmartTM approach for promoting healthy screen habits and empathy in early childhood. Good news for families! Preorder now.

WorldScene Launches in Fall 2017 at Cook County Jail!

The ICMC is partnering with the Sheriff’s Anti-Violence Effort (SAVE) to bring WorldScene to the Cook County Jail starting. Using art therapy and conflict resolution strategies, the program's goal is to end the cycle of violence, offer skill-building for future employment and provide springboards to hope.

According to Elli Montgomery, Director of the SAVE program, World Scene will be the first film-based therapeutic arts residency to be offered at CCJ, and will be the only film festival ever to take place inside a jail. The program is set to start this fall.

My First Spellbook Charms Audiences at Northbrook ICFilmFest!

My First Spellbook, UK

Scottish Director Gavin Laing's My First Spellbook won the Best of Fest Award at the Northbrook Library's 2nd Annual ICFilm Fest on Saturday, July 29th. This clever cautionary tale reveals how nine-year old Katy first alienates her family and classmates with witchery, then wins them back by opening her heart.

ICMC Call For Entries - Each Entry Eligible for 4 Festivals!
Don’t miss out on the ICMC’s impressive season of festivals for 2017-2018.
Enter your film to be considered for four ICMC events: ICFilmFest, WorldScene, Global Girls, and My First Media. Download our Entry Form.
Entry Fee - $75/Short Film;  $125/Feature Film

Deadline:  February 22, 2018
Contact icmediacenter@gmail.com for additional information!
The Summer of Gods, Global Girls Fest 2015 Winner
ICMC Interns

After receiving 60+ internship applications, the ICMC has selected 12 interns for its summer/fall program.  Amber Friedenfields, Anh Nguyen, Ben Moore, Brandon Wallace, Dashawna Wright, Jireh Martin, Junice Savares,  and Rocco Thompson make up the ICMC Selection Committee, and will view more than 800 films with a rotating chairperson. Design interns Karen Hodo and Evelyn Mateo will give the ICMC a fresh new look, while illustrator Rob Byers works with Executive Director Nicole Dreiske on her children’s book “Screen Time At My House”. Media Arts Associate Christina Condei, will work as 3rd party evaluator assessing outcomes for the 2016-2017 My First Media program.

ICMC Webinar for NCEA 8/23 How to Bounce Back from Summer Slump


ICMC Director Nicole Dreiske presents Using Screen Smart Skills to Bounce Back from Summer Slump. The perfect way to get students back on track!  8/23 for NCEA Members.


Second Annual ICFilmFest at CYC - Elliott Donnelly Youth Centers!

One Shoe Blues, USA

The Elliott Donnelley Youth Center and ICMC are proud to partner for the second annual ICFILMFest at the Chicago Youth Center located on 3947 S. Michigan Ave. Three lively short programs that feature a variety of amusing films will screen at 2pm on July 11, July 25th, and August 8th, and will showase 33 films from 18 countries.